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June 2nd, 2017

Hello SCI Changemakers,

This week we want to encourage you to think about the link between lowering your environmental impact and making a difference in your community. Also check out this simple and useful web page to solve any doubts about climate science and learn more on how Barcelona is bracing itself for hotter climate.

If you are still deciding on a workcamp to attend, check out the “Four of Freedom” in Kosovo. In this intense project participants will travel across the country to educate and bring communities closer to each other. And finally - GAIA MicroGrants is still open for applications, but we are nearing the end of available funds. Don’t wait with submitting your application!

A tiny life with a meaning

Living “offgrid”, independently from the rest of the world became quite a hype in the recent years. The idea is that you build a tiny house far away from everything (but close to nature), power it with solar and wind energy, eat mostly from your little farm, purify wastewater in a biofit water treatment pond right there and basically live as simple and with little impact on the environment as possible. 

But… what desires really stand behind this dream? Is it really about fighting climate chaos or rather getting away from its impacts? Sometimes the pursue of minimizing the environmental impact becomes an exercise of turning inward, towards individual needs, far from the chaos and scares of the world. And while it is a valid reaction to challenges that go beyond our abilities, it can also lead to neglecting the idea of making a difference in the community around us. “Resist… the temptation to hide away in a tiny home” | Grist 

GAIA Kosovo - Tour of Freedon (20.07-13.08.2017)

The Tour of Freedom is a travelling workcamp, connecting diverse communities in Kosovo through a bike tour. Starting from Mitrovica/Mitrovicë in the North, the tour will cross the whole country until finally arriving in Brezovica/Brezovicë, in the South. Staying in each community for 3 to 4 days, participants will initiate activities to bring people from different backgrounds together, make them share and learn together about environmental and human rights issues and collect local stories. 

Travelling by bike, the Tour of Freedom will spread the message of an alternative and more environmentally friendly way of moving and connect people in peace. Local intervention will happen through educational activities, environmental workshops, street performances, painting of murals, movie screenings and discussions. In Brezovica/Brezovicë, participants will be part of the Eco-Festival BREfest. 

Sounds amazing? Read more at GAIA’s blog, or go directly to apply at workcamps.info.

You don't need to be a climate science expert

There are other people, who actually are climate scientists and you can harness their knowledge. Whenever you have a question about climate science or you talk to someone, who has doubts about the legitimacy of global warming, go to skepticalscience.com. A page managed by volunteering scientists, who turn complex data and research into understandable answers. All facts provided come from official research and are reviewed by other scientists, so you can rely on them. 

Check it out, together with express answers to some of the most popular climate myths! “Find out what is true and false about climate change” | USA Today  

Preparing Barcelona for the heat

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most densely populated cities. And while it does have some impressive green spaces (like the 80 sq km Parc de Collserola), they are not evenly distributed. This means that during the summer months, the old town can be even 7 degrees Celsius hotter than the green suburbs. 

To ensure that it remains livable as global average temperatures rise, the city aims at opening more public parks and connecting all green areas with avenues of trees. Additionally there is investment into green roofs and walls, as well as inviting wildlife (like insects and bats) back into the city limits. “Built-Out Barcelona Makes Space for an Urban Forest” | CityLab 


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