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April 28, 2017

Hello SCI Activists,

Spring my by very shy this year, but thousands of activists sure are not! Read about the March for Science and the upcoming People’s Climate March. Also check out this new perspective on improving the world by changing your diet - will reducetarianism be the new thing?

And don’t wait any longer with submitting your GAIA MicroGrants application! Ideas are many and the available grants are disappearing fast! Another practical way of making a positive impact on the climate is joining a Climate for Peace camp. How about the “Permaculture Forest Garden” project in Nigeria? Read on and pick your favorite way to take action!

People’s Climate March this Saturday around the world


Last Saturday tens of thousands of people around the world hit it to the streets to defend facts and scientific research about the climate and the natural world. The March for Science was an interlude to what is coming this Saturday - People’s Climate March. It will gather even more people in more locations to demand climate action based on scientific knowledge. Under the slogan “We Resist. We Build. We Rise.” people will get together, because to change everything, we need everyone.

Check if there is a sister march taking place near you, or organize your own event (it can be something very small and simple too!) and post in online under #climatemarch.

“The Reducetarian Solution” for devoted meateaters


Did you ever talk to someone, who, for any reason, decided to eat less meat? Well, they might be a reducetarian!

Only in recent decades it became possible for people to eat meet with their every meal. And because it used to be a rarity, it is also a staple of many national cuisines - something to prepare on special occasions. However, with global introduction of industrial farming, meat became cheap and widely accessible. But what is the impact of mass production and consumption of meat on our health and the environment? 

You might already know that not everyone gets excited when they think about going vegetarian or vegan. But the first step might be to simply reduce the amount of meat in your daily diet. Maybe you can even offer it as an experiment to the volunteers in your next workcamp? Learn more about the reduceterian “vampire strategy” and the “deck of cards diet” in an interview with Brian Kateman, who recently published a collection of essays "The Reducetarian Solution". “Given up hope on vegetarianism? Meet a reducetarian.”| Grist

GAIA MicroGrants - preparing for climate change impacts

It’s been just over one month since GAIA MicroGrants became available again for SCI activists, and already 5 projects have been approved. In recent news volunteers in Slovenia and Malaysia will be helping out at eco-farms and learning practical farming skills for the future

GAIA MicroGrants programme especially encourages projects related to addressing climate change impacts in your community. It might seem challenging, but in practice it can also be very exciting. You might construct a rainwater harvesting tools at a local farm or garden and then distribute the water through drip irrigation. You can also approach a local farm and experiment with new plants that are heat and drought resistant. In Indonesia volunteers will be planting mangroves to prevent coastal erosion in Java. Tree planting helps to protect soil, retain water and cool down the microclimate of the area. Not to mention that trees simply make every place look beautiful!

Learn more about supporting local communities in adaptation to climate change impacts in the GAIA MicroGrants brochure! Read more>>>

Climate for Peace: Permaculture Forest Garden workcamp

This project was established in 2011 by local and international activists, the emphasis is to apply permaculture principles in reforesting the surrounding area, contribute to sustainable development and disseminate environmental education to the public.

The volunteers will be helping with gardening work, reconstructing one of the facilities in the project center using bio-construction methods with local materials. Volunteers will conduct series of awareness raising activities and workshops with young children of Ilaje - a local fishing community. Everything in the spirit of creating a climate for peace! Read more>>>


Co-Funded by the Erasmus plus programme of the European Union.


The Association of Service Civil International ivzw receives support from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.



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