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April 14, 2017

Hello SCI Activists,

With the Earth Day around the corner, we are happy to report that the first GAIA MicroGrants projects have been approved. We’re still waiting for your application!

Otherwise, as per usual, we’re looking at examples of great climate solutions from around the world - meet the coral reef gardener and the most famous coal mining town in Australia, which went solar! The power is ours!

First GAIA MicroGrants awarded to activists in Indonesia and Hungary

Three weeks after kicking off the new phase of GAIA MicroGrants, applications are rolling in! We already know that activists from GREAT Indonesia will be planting hundreds of mangroves to protect the coastline from erosion and to bring back marine life. And in Budapest with Utilapu urban dwellers will learn how to set up their own vermicompost (that uses worms to speed up the process and eliminate unpleasant odors) at home. Congratulations to our first applicants! 

More projects are on the way, so don’t wait - applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply, the bigger is your chance to get funding. You can find the application form and other helpful information at sci.ngo>>> 

Climate change adaptation done right

Adaptation to climate change impacts is absolutely necessary. Communities around the world already experience changing rain patterns, increased flooding, more frequent heat waves. International institutions like the UN offer programs to support those that are in danger, but... some of those initiatives can do more harm than good, leading to conflicts or simply exporting the problems somewhere else. Such unintended consequences are referred to as “backdraft” and they are often caused by lack of consultation with the locals, rushed actions or misunderstanding of the local context. "Backdraft Revisited: The Conflict Potential of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation" | New Security Beat 

Fortunately there are positive examples as well, but they often prove that climate adaptation done right is a lengthy, grassroots process. At GAIA MicroGrants we leave the decisions and judgement to you, SCI activists. We believe you know your community the best and trust that you will consult its members when designing your projects! Remember to send your application soon! More information available here>>> 

Coral reef gardener

Coral reefs around the world are in deep trouble - some of them are going through mass bleaching, mostly caused by warming waters. Some scientist say that all reefs might be gone as soon as the middle of this century. But there is a man in Fiji who has an unconventional solution - he gardens heat-resistant corals and transplants them in various spots of the ocean bed. He also helps locals find protein source away from the ocean waters, as to take the burden of the marine ecosystem. “A Ray of Hope for Underwater Life: Coral Gardening” | Resilience.org 

Mining the Sun

The town of Broken Hill in Australia used to be famous because of the mining industry. But over time it became a huge renewable energy hub! Check out the video and learn more about Broken Hill, the town of Mad Max, Priscilla and 2 million sheep.

Thanks to Rita from IVP Australia for the recommending the video.


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