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March 2017

It would be a pity not to read this newsletter, because together with the many volunteer stories arriving in our mailbox, we have gathered together loads of interesting tools and tips from recent SCI projects ready for you to use! From SCI Italy we have an audio video reportage about refugees, an e-book from the project "Building Inclusive Paths", a partnership of SCI Italy, SCI India, SCI Sri Lanka, SCI Catalunya and VWAN Nigeria and it's available in 3 languages! And do you remember #Glovola? Now that the project is finished, we are collecting all the achievements together, you can find some of them listed below PLUS news from our Secretariat, teh archives and much more! Finally, don’t forget to check our workcamps database, there are 705 short-term projects available today!

Voices of Volunteers
Projects Updates
A new entry at International Secretariat of SCI!
Across the land
Building Inclusive Paths
From the Archives

Voices of Volunteers

This month we start from Asia, from a “Workcamp to understanding” where Elvin and Annisa tell us their workcamp experience in Malaysia, you can also find a video on SCI Malaysia’s facebook page. Mike from IVS GB shares a story about his longterm experience in Sri Lanka. And Douglas, also from IVS GB, answers some questions about EVS, since he is doing his EVS in Norway. Ivana from Serbia writes the story of her workcamp, where she was a camp coordinator in Croatia last summer. And then an EVS story from the International Secretariat. Read more stories here.

Projects Updates

From 10th to 15th March the first official seminar of PATH and Route to Connect took place in Spain, hosted by SCI Catalunya. In the meanwhile the call for participants for the second PATH activity is out and the deadline is 5th of April! Participants will explore the history of the wars in ex-Yugoslavia while drawing parallels between the situation in the region then and the current situation. On the Route to Connect side, we are glad to announce that we had 67 applications for the field study trip, and the participants have been selected! What is the field study trip in the Balkans about? Watch this video. Peers to Peace has started! Peers to Peace is  looking for participants for a Learning Seminar that will bring together 26 participants from SCI branches and networks and current members of the IEC to exchange good practices on the topics of knowledge management and fundraising. The deadline is 15th of April! After successfully running for three consecutive years and supporting 50 projects, the GAIA MicroGrants Programme is again providing a source of funding for SCI branches and local groups this year, to organize grassroots activities focusing on sustainable living and Climate justice! The GAIA MicroGrants is now open for applications!! Some volunteers also created a Facebook group to share ideas and inspirations for those branches who want to apply!
The North-South toolkit developed by the Pool of Trainers has been updated after the seminar in Madrid, here the new version. 
The Global Volunteer Action project officially ended in the end of February and in these weeks we are promoting some of the achievements. So, if you need to facilitate a workshop you can use the Greapheazy cards or if you want to get more visibility on social media channels, you can check this Prezi presentation. Or, since is almost time for the main workcamp season and your branch is probably thinking to organize a training of camp coordinators, why don’t you check these different training scenarios? The urgent one, the 2 days one and the for 3 days.

New entry in SCI office in Antwerp!

At the beginning of March we officially welcomed Lea Csikos, the new coordinator at International Secretariat, that will cover Sara's maternity leave in the following months. Lea has many years experience with SCI, having been active in our branch, VCV Serbia for 10 years, both as a volunteer and coordinator.

Across the Land

Thousands of migrants cross the European borders looking for a better life. SCI Italy collects voices of people that move, hope and struggle. The project is a work of documentary on the Balkan Route, “Across the land”, managed by Echis - Incroci di suoni in collaboration with Servizio Civile Internazionale Italia and realized during the winter 2016. It focuses on Bulgaria and it is published weekly on the website Across The Sea Project, you can also find a Facebook page of the projects. Listen to all the audio reportages on SCI Italy's youtube channel.

Building Inclusive Paths

From 16th to 18th of March the final event of the “Building Inclusive Paths” project took place in Rome. It was the conclusive moment after a year and a half project, where the final outcomes were presented, through round tables, workshops and databases. Read more here.

From The Archives

2020, when the first one hundred years of SCI will be celebrated, is moving closer, so it is time to remember another anniversary event: In November 1990, SCI celebrated its 70th anniversary in Verdun, France - as we all know, the first international voluntary service had started in November 1920 to reconstruct the village of Esnes in the surroundings of Verdun that had been devastated by German troops during the First World War. The anniversary celebration was combined with the 54th statutory International Committee Meeting (ICM). Another celebration event took place in India in the same month. Read more here.


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