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March 10, 2017

Hello SCI Volunteers,

Not to sound all negative, but some people are pretty much just waiting for our civilization to collapse. Can something good come out of such attitude? You tell me! But before the world comes to an end, let’s look at some of the solutions, which take into consideration the interests of the local community, inspire others to join and… look pretty too!

Hopefully your batteries are all charged as the workcamp season is starting. After all, the power is yours!

It’s the end of the world as we know it?


When people can't or don't know how to imagine a better future for themselves, they can get into envisioning the end of the world. Once the environmental, political and social conditions become really bad, it might be easier to come to terms with our civilization ending than fighting for its better alternative.

But you wouldn't be an SCI volunteer, if doomsday was your biggest hope! Climate change impacts seem like they might be a slow apocalypse in the making, but that result is not good enough for the SCI community. The vision of SCI is solidarity and working together. 

Read this provocative essay and maybe follow it up by checking with your friends: what are their personal doomsday clocks set to and what do they want to do about it? “The Slow Confiscation of Everything” | The Baffler

Solutions should benefit nature AND people

Did you know that mangroves remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere better than pretty much anything else does? Projects focusing on restoring coastal ecosystems through planting mangroves and seagrasses are referred to as "blue carbon projects". Recently they attracted a lot of attention from international companies looking for projects to balance out (offset) their environmental impacts.

Learn more from an example in Senegal, where millions of trees have been planted and life is returning to formerly barren areas, but local communities have their concerns about the rules introduced by investors. As an SCI activist you already know that working together with the local community is the most basic step to take! “African Wetlands Project: A Win For the Climate and the People?” (Yale Environment 360) 

A World of Solutions


“We have never faced challenges this big and we never had better ideas”. To solve climate crisis doesn’t mean to save the Earth - in fact without us Earth went through much bigger changes and challenges. But it can mean building a new economy which works for everyone (not only humans, but also plants and animals), new society which accepts everyone and to give meaning to people’s lives. Check out this short video (6 min) “A World of Solutions”.

The Growroom


Workcamp season will be here before we know it. If you're looking for unconventional construction challenges, check out The Growroom by IKEA. You can download the plan for free (it's only 17 steps), but you will need to get the wood cut at a professional wood workshop. The effect looks pretty cool. “The Indoor Garden That Can Feed an Entire Neighborhood” | The EcoWatch.


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