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February 2017

Here we are with the beloved E-Zine for the second edition in 2017! Thanks to all of you volunteers around the world, the blog Voices of Volunteer is becoming really active, full of ideas and inspiring stories, keep on going like this! This month you’ll find stories about EVS volunteering in Belgium, impressions from a lovely Italian workcamp, the reason why you should apply for a workcamp in Kosovo, some updates from refugees camp, pics from Hong Kong and an environmental workcamp in Australia. SCI connects people, countries and activities! At Service Civil International we are sure that this year will be another amazing year of workcamps! And don’t forget to check out the opportunities and calls for participants in the sidebar!

Voices of Volunteers
YO!FEST 2017
SCI towards Gender Sensibility 
Projects update
News from CCIVS
Wondering what SAVA is up to?
Apply for Microgrants: the new round is here!
What next? Journey from volunteering to active citizenship 
From the Archives 

Voices of Volunteers

This month we have stories from a diverse range of countries. We start from Australia, passing by Hong Kong, then arrive in Greece, cross the Balkan heart in Kosovo, journey across the sea towards Italy and all the way up to Belgium.

YO!FEST 2017

This year the 2017 YO!FEST was part of the celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Maastricht treaty. It means that on that day, 25 years ago, 12 countries, at that time members of European Community (today the European Union) met and together decided on the rules and parameters for other countries to join. SCI was at this year's festival with two Building Bridges workshops.

SCI towards gender sensibility

During last year’s Exchange Platform Meeting in Sweden, the SCI movement evaluated the abolishment of the gender. Why? Because individuals are much more than their gender and not to have gender balance does not hinder the multiplicity of points of view and cultures that we aim for in our projects and workcamps. Rather than just looking at gender balance, SCI wants to give an alternative to the status quo, since this status quo is not suitable for our movement. Read more

Project updates

The new web page of Route to Connect is out! And SCI is looking for participants willing to join a field study trip in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, from 15th of May to 2nd of June 2017. In the meanwhile February was a busy period for the Peers to Peace project. We connected with more than 10 partner organisations during our 2 online kick-off meetings dedicated to engaging everyone on board. Sky, our EVS volunteer from Hong Kong, also joined the SCI team to support Peers to Peace. Preparations for the "Learn and get inspired from the past" seminar as part of the PATH project are in full speed. We have received 90 applications from 16 countries! After a consultation on priorities of local branches, we have composed together a group of 20 participants who are now booking their journeys to La Jonquera, in the north of Catalunya, where the seminar will take place. Count down - 10 more days to go. Speaking of booking and travelling, the PATH project introduced a travel policy within all its activities, aiming to make people aware of the ecological impact of their travels and to motivate them to choose a more environmentally responsible way of traveling​, such a great idea! Don’t forget to have a look!

News from CCIVS 

The First CCIVS Partnership Meetings was held on February the 8th, 2017 in Paris, from 14:00 to 18:00. The Event was financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and was the first step of 'Participation Action and Tools for Heritage', a two-year project aimed at promoting Cultural Heritage and Diversity through the activities of International Voluntary Service (IVS) organisations. SCI was there together with 27 CCIVS member organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Wondering what SAVA is up to?

After not hearing from us in a while, we would like to announce: SAVA WG is back with a fresh face in the coordination team! As a reminder: in October 2016 SAVA has welcomed Dragana Jovanovska (CID Macedonia) to the team who will together with Ivana Kostadinovic (VCV Serbia), Nevena Sicevic (VCV Serbia) and Victoria Marinova (CVS Bulgaria) coordinate and support activities and organizations in the Balkans. Read more

Apply for GAIA MicroGrants: the new round is here!

As the new project season is approaching, GAIA MicroGrants will be offering financial support again starting in March. The goal of the fund is to support existing and encourage new grassroots projects focusing on climate justice and sustainable living all across SCI. Also the new phase of Refugee Funds is approaching, check what CVS Bulgaria did with the support they received in the first round. 

What next? Journey from volunteering to active citizenship 

INEX SDA, SCI partner in Czech Republic, has just published the outcome of a long-term E+: a manual that provides support for the four stages of the journey from volunteering to active citizenship. Learn more about it!

From The Archives

"For this and the next issue of 'From the Archives' I had placed two nice objects on the shelf next to my desk some time ago already – but then I learned about the death of a very old friend from the Swiss branch of SCI, Fridolin Trüb and so I changed my mind and chose an object that is strongly related to this extraordinary SCI volunteer and peace activist."


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