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October 28, 2016

Hello SCI Activists,

Before you get on with the weekend, check out our food for thought. We continue with some challenging ideas from Bill McKibben, pointing out how climate change is a state of war and requires a war-like mobilisation. We continue with updates from Standing Rock Reservation and move on to another example of link between climate change and conflict - tension between India and Pakistan over access to water. All this appropriately followed by comments about framing the message to describe how climate change impacts are making armed conflicts and natural disasters more likely. And finally - save some time next week to watch “Before the Flood”, a new documentary by the lead Hollywood climate activist.

Read on and remember, the power is yours!

Climate change is a war - call to action

By most of the ways we measure wars, climate change is the real deal: Carbon and methane are seizing physical territory, sowing havoc and panic, racking up casualties, and even destabilizing governments. In this war there will be no winners. Ironically people who contributed to it the least are at the front line of the consequences.
Dive into this fascinating article by Bill McKibben, which helps us learn from the past the skills that are essential for the future. It’s an excellent, really creative and inspiring read, very relevant for SCI activists. After all our movement began with responding to the challenges of war and today we are called to revive this spirit. Also if you want to share your thoughts on this, feel free to write to climate4peace@sci.ngo. We can publish your comments in the newsletter, if you're open to it! “A World at War” (New Republic)

Protests against Dakota Access Pipeline

Last week the site of the protest against Dakota Access Pipeline saw an escalation in arrests and violence (for overview of what happened so far check out “Governor Uses Emergency Order to Bring Out-of-State Police to Dakota Access Pipeline Protest”, EcoWatch). Water protectors called on the U.S. Attorney General to investigate the law enforcement tactics. In the meantime (as of Friday morning) militarized police are evicting people from the camp to clear the way for the construction to continue. “Developing: 100+ Militarized Police Raiding #NoDAPL Resistance Camp Blocking Pipeline’s Path” (Democracy Now!)

Struggle over water - case study

Water is a source of life, but it can also trigger conflicts. Learn more about the issue of access to water in Kashmir region, tensions between India and Pakistan around the issue and the role of climate change in that whole story.
India controls much of the flow of rivers that are main source of fresh water for Pakistan. At the same time a militant group in Pakistan uses this fact to increase hostility against India. With climate change leading to melting glaciers and less fresh water flow in the region, situation will become even more severe. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript. “Crucible in Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s Struggle Over Water” (Circle of Blue)

Talking about climate change impacts

By the way, check out the updated version of Climate for Peace Position Paper, which touches on these issues too. Through Climate for Peace Programme, SCI tries to reinforce the notion of the threats that climate change poses to the culture of peace. People are suffering and conflicts over access to resources are becoming more likely as a result of extended drought season and more devastating hurricanes. At the same time, it is very important to remember that climate change can escalate these events or make them more likely, but is not the only factor at play. So how to frame the message about climate change impact to make it more accurate? “‘Climate Change Did It!’ Is a Convenient Excuse” (Slate)

"Before the Flood" - watch until Nov 6th

Even if Leonardo DiCaprio is not your favorite actor in the world, there are a lot of reasons to love him anyway. He participated in People’s Climate March in New York (but incognito), during a UN assembly he called on world politicians to take ambitious climate action, he funds environmental protection projects through his foundation and he even plans to bring Captain Planet alive in a feature film. Additionally starting next week you’ll be able to watch his most recent documentary online, free of charge, worldwide! Watch the trailer and read more.


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