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September 9th 2016

Hello SCI friends near and far and welcome to our weekly Climate for Peace newsletter...

This week we look at the Indigenous people and their fight against the current unsustainable established power structure...the beautiful Amazon forest and how invaders are looting it's natural resources. Have a look at our Inspirational videos exploring and showing what it could mean if we lived in a more heart based society....and we take a glance at when science and coffee clash..the outcome could save the planet!

Have a look at our website sci.ngo to see how we are working for and standing up for peace in this world and explore our workcamps to see how to take the next step for a sustainable planet..Enjoy!

Paris climate deal: US and China formally join pact
North Dakota pipeline protests turn violent after cultural sites destroyed
5 alarming facts about the Amazon forest fires
US environmentalists take aim at second TransCanada pipeline
Human driven warming started nearly 200 years ago

Paris climate deal: US and China formally join pact

Credit: ibtimes.com

The US and China - together responsible for 40% of the world's carbon emissions - have both formally joined the Paris global climate agreement. After arriving with other leaders of G20 nations for a summit in the city of Hangzhou, Mr Obama said: "History will judge today's effort as pivotal." CO2 emissions are the driving force behind climate change. Last December, countries agreed to cut emissions in a bid to keep the global average rise in temperatures below 2C. Read more here

North Dakota pipeline protests turn violent after cultural sites destroyed

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota turned violent on Saturday. Demonstrators supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe faced off with private security officers from Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners. Video from the scene showed security officers threatening protesters with dogs. As All Things Considered reported, hundreds of Native Americans from tribes across the country have set up a camp near the construction site in North Dakota. The Army Corps of Engineer approved the oil pipeline in July allowing it to run under the Missouri river close to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's reservation. Read more here

5 Alarming facts about the Amazon forest fires

From July to November, it is fire season in the Amazon rainforest. But while fires can be a normal part of the life cycle in forests, most of the flames in the Amazon are far from natural – and damaging. Each year, people burn rainforest to clear the land for farming and pasture, as well as illegal logging. What’s worse, these practices make the forest even more vulnerable to future blazes and contribute to climate change. Here are five alarming facts you should know about fires in the Amazon rainforest. Read more here

US Environmentalists take aim at second TransCanada pipeline

Environmentalists are again taking aim at the company that proposed the Keystone XL pipeline this time for another of its projects they fear would send hundreds of supertankers laden with crude oil down the Atlantic coast to refineries in Texas and Louisiana. TransCanada is behind the Energy East pipeline project, a 4,600km pipeline, or nearly 3,000 miles, that would carry crude oil from tar sands in Western Canada to the East Coast, where it would then be shipped to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. When completed, the project would carry 1.1m barrels of crude oil every day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada.Read more here

Human-Driven warming started nearly 200 years ago

To fully understand the warming of the planet that is being driven by human emissions of greenhouse gases, scientists need to examine the history of climate changes on Earth. Hampering this effort is the fact that direct measurements of temperature and other climate data only go back to about the late 19th century. But by using records kept by the Earth itself, that history can be extended back hundreds or even thousands of years.Read more here


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