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Climate for Peace Newsletter April 15th

Hello SCI family and welcome to this weeks Climate for Peace Newsletter,

We explore great articles this week that really show for one thing our own personal power and for another the demise of an out dated form of energy. A more sustainable future is on the horizon and it is people who stand up and be let their voices be heard that will make the change happen. We hope you enjoy these articles and be inspired to make some changes in your own life no matter how small. Check out our workcamps page on Workcamps.info and you can find out lots more information on sci.ngo Peace and blessings

GAIA MicroGrants Programme
The fossil fuel thunderdome
Recycling is good, but it should be our last resort
A look at climate change solutions happening now

GAIA MicoGrants Programme

If you are planning a weekend workcamp at a local organic farm to improve access to local and seasonal food, or you will plant mangroves or do other activities to prevent coastal erosion or you want to create a community garden in your area or do some improvements in an already existing one or maybe you want to raise awareness of climate change impacts and what your community can do to prepare for it then GAIA MicroGrants are for you! Read here

The fossil fuel thunderdome

Outside of the fossil fuel industries’ wishful thinking, we know demand is dramatically and vehemently finite. We know this because, according to the world’s top scientists, so is our carbon budget. The question that no analysts or industry insiders dare to voice is whether or not big producers are taking the carbon budget seriously. Are the Saudis, for example, determined to sell as much of their carbon-based oil as they can, before we hit our carbon budget? Has an unspoken frenzy, a fire sale, to capture as much of the remaining market of fossil fuels begun? If so, this “game of chicken” is not about getting the market supply and demand back in balance. This is about who can survive for the longest in the end of an era. More of a Thunderdome than a game of chicken.Read here

Recycling is good, but it should be our last resort

In the 60's soda manufacturers changed the reusable soda can and promoted a throwaway can instead. Profits soared and so too the environmental impact it had on nature, wildlife and our oceans. Natural systems have no waste, only cycles of use as matter is continually repurposed with the help of energy arriving from the sun—energy that eventually dissipates back into space. Modern humanity has developed a concept of waste that threatens our ability to live on the planet, and that is why, among other changes, we must boycott all beverages and food products that come in single use containers.Read here

A look at climate change solutions happening now

Today on this planet we are becoming more and more aware of the effect our lifestyle has on the planet. Thanks to social media, news, environmental activists, films and documentaries and community projects we are seeing the storms on the horizon. There is a cause and effect we must follow in nature. With modern technology along with becoming more conscious in our lifestyle choices we have to take responsibility for our future. Here we have included some of the solutions to climate change as well as knowing what we eat also has a dramatic effect on the environment. Read here


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