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Climate for Peace Newsletter March 18th 2016

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The world's first renewable energy grid being built in the Azores
Will we soon be riding on solar roads
An entire community relocated due to sea level rising
Give earth an hour of your time
Music for the earth

The world's first renewable energy grid being built in the Azores

The world’s first “100% renewable” grid is being built by German-US clean technology company Younicos for the island of Graciosa in the Azores. A third of Graciosa’s fossil fuel capacity will be held in reserve as back-up power and could be used during extended periods of bad weather. Younicos’ software will balance short-term power fluctuations, enabling wind and solar power to provide 100 per cent of Graciosa’s electricity the majority of the time.Read more here

Will we soon be riding on solar roads?

Solar is popping up just about everywhere, even landfills and parka pockets. So why not roads? Indeed, solar road projects are gaining interest around the world, and some promise to even charge electric cars while moving. The Netherlands built the first solar road, a bike path, in 2014. France announced a bolder move in January—over the next five years, it plans to install 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of solar roads, designed to supply power to five million people.Read more here

An entire community relocated due to sea level rising

Climate change is often seen as a problem for generations to come, but as our freakish winter weather has shown, we're already living the future we created. Need more proof? An entire Native American community is now going to be resettled, before it gets swallowed by the rising seas.Read more here

Give earth an hour of your time

On March 19th the world will celebrate the 10th annual earth hour. Six continents, over 170 countries, and 24 time zones will be united as a global community, making our voices heard through individual action. Turn off as much power as you can and focus on your commitment to climate action for the rest of this year. Watch here on how to create a light painting and make your artistic creation seen on Earth Day.

Music for the Earth

Music can connect and ground our being and awaken our hearts. Which might normally be in a slumber due to a stressful lifestyle,job etc. It has a transcendental aspect which every living being can harmonize with. From shamanic drumming to soul music that can lift us up into the far reaches of consciousness. Founded in 1976 by saxophonist and composer Paul Winter. Music for the Earth was created with the mission to explore and implement ways that music can be used to enrich the lives of human beings and awaken the the spirit of involvement in the preservation of wildlife and the natural environment of the earth. Read more here


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