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16th December 2015

We have our very special edition of our Updates today. We focus on the major climate talks in Paris and the side events that happened outside the talks. Our contributions and activities from our very own SCI Climate activists present during 5th Dec to the 12th Dec. With exciting blog entries and pictures it was a landmark week for our volunteers.

SCI Delegation visits COP21 Paris
An inspiring video to ICM Delegates from COP21 Activists
First impression of the SCI Delegation at COP21
Janosch Zmelty, SCI volunteer, writes about the UN Climate Negotiations
Indigenous Rising: The land will revolutionize if people won't
Red Lines: Civil Disobedience in Paris
Finding peace in the fight against climate change
Paris Climate Deal: Reaction from the Experts

SCI Delegation visits COP21 in Paris

With much anticipation at this years COP event and important decisions to be made our eager group of 16 arrived at St Christopher’s Inn wide eyed and hopeful. We knew the important decisions were out of our hands but none the less our voices were going to be heard. Logic would indeed prevail and people would take the power back. Read more here.

A video from our Activists In Paris To ICM

The 75th annual ICM meeting took place in Sri Lanka this year. While a group of climate activists and enthusiasts were in Paris to show support for the COP21 talks. We created this video to broadcast to the ICM delegation our interest, passion and commitment to this cause. With the help of all of the participants it was a success and positively received. Read more here.

First impressions from the SCI delegation at COP21 in Paris

Monday 7th the SCI volunteers inside the conference site had the chance to have an exclusive 20 minutes meeting with the German Minister for Environment Barabara Hendricks who’s one of the leaders of the German delegation at the COP21. Together with other “young generation” delegates from Germany our SCI delegates were able to ask her the questions that are concerning us most in regard to the current negotiations: The chances to implement a 1.5 degrees limitation target in the final agreement, the inclusion of a Human Rights related paragraph in Article 2 and the German (European) perspective on the discussion of different financial contribution responsibilities among developing and developed countries to the Green Climate Found. Read more here.

UN climate negotiations by the SCI Volunteer Janosch Zmelty

Janosch Zmelty, our long-term volunteer from Germany was present in Paris from 5th till 12th of December, in parallel events to the UN climate talks, so called COP21, together with other SCI activists and activists from many other organizations, groups, collectives, front-line communities, etc. Everyday he was sending updates on the situation, starting from Sunday, 6th of December. Read more here.

COP21 will not save our lands and territories


Indigenous peoples are the key experts in the realm of land preservation and territorial protection, yet it had to be noted through the UNDP on the importance of Indigenous peoples participating in COP21. Read more here.

Symbolic red lines represented humanities limits regarding climate

While the talks were sponsored by a number of large corporations to whom activists are rallying against, the only revolution coming from inside the talks was the turning around in circles of endless discussions. Create a Climate for Peace Campaign joined the largest act of climate disobedience in Europe during COP21 in Paris. Read more here.

Finding Peace in the Fight against Climate Change

Peace in a time of rising unrest. Of questioning our roles in all the boxes we are pushed into from childhood to adulthood. At times it can be a headache the search for peace when all to often the opposite gets pushed into our face. Bombarded with fear almost every step of the way. Yet we stand for peace, justice and change against a profit hungry war machine. Read more here.

Climate Deal reaction from the experts

This marks a big step in our attempts to curb climate change. The goal of limiting the rise in global temperature to well below 2C – and to work towards 1.5C – is more ambitious than many would have thought just a couple of years ago. But, as the agreement points out, the pledges that have currently been made are not sufficient to achieve this target. Read more here.


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