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30th of October 2015

Hello SCI friends,

Welcome to the latest Friday Updates - your open window on the climate field, a weekly freshly baked meal full of news and opportunities.

This weeks we take a look at the what countries contributed what in the Climate agreement. We also look at Art Therapy as a new therapy for PTSD also coffee the new renewable energy? Also we find whats going on at the Global Climate March and see what the Fiji leader thinks of the convention.

This week's content: 


Paris Tracker : Who has pledged what for 2015 UN climate pact 

28/10 – Suriname: Minimise deforestation, expand biofuel and hydropower capacity with international support. Mitigation and adaptation costs estimated at US$3.5 billion to 2025.

22/10 – Sri Lanka: Greenhouse gas emissions cut of 7% from business as usual by 2030, or up to 23% with international support. Measures to adapt to climate impacts estimated to cost US$420 million over the next decade. Read more here >>

Veolia turns coffee into reusable energy: Coffee grounds turned into renewable energy 












In Joure, in the Netherlands, Veolia and Douwe Egberts Master Blenders have developed a solution for reusing coffee grounds to produce steam, and thus reduce the coffee company’s consumption of natural gas. Douwe Egberts Master Blenders (DEMB) produces instant coffee and liquid concentrated coffees using a vast quantity of steam. Two energy sources are used to generate this steam: natural gas and, thanks to the process developed in partnership with Veolia, spent coffee grounds. Find out more here >>

Fiji leader says Pacific doomed if climate talks fail 

Fiji's prime minister says he fears Pacific island nations are "doomed" because industrialised countries appear set to reject a global climate pact at crunch talks in Paris in December. Read the full article here >>

Can art kick start the heart : Art therapy benefits combat veterans with PTSD in a randomized trial 

Ted Bosworth from Family Practice News covered a recent collaboration between the Hampton VA Medical Center and the Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) Art Therapy Program that represents the first of its kind: a randomized trial that examines art therapy treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the VA. Though art therapy did not significantly impact improvement in PTSD symptoms, there was a tendency toward higher participant satisfaction and decreased symptoms of depression in participants who received the adjunctive art therapy sessions. Dr. Kathleen Decker, a psychiatrist with the Hampton VA and one of two Principal Investigators, suggests that the significance of the art therapy intervention may become more prominent with a greater sample size. Read more here >>


28th-29th November Global Climate

Our hope is that the Paris summit will send a signal that the age of fossil fuels is coming to an end. We already know that we can’t count on our politicians to send this signal alone: they’re still too much in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry to do everything we need. The most we can hope for out of the new climate treaty is clear targets, real money, and a strong framework to carry action forward. Find more information and join the Climate March >>



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