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2nd of October 2015

Hello SCI friends,

Welcome to the latest Friday Updates - your open window on the climate field, a weekly freshly baked meal full of news and opportunities.

This week you can read more COP-related articles like WAKE COP CALL for joining the SCI delegation; everything you need to know about the Paris climate summit and some funny gifts for the end of the day and for those working hard and preparing event around COP. 

Check out also our selection of articles, news and stories, get inspired with one TEDxTalk and Angry Birds video and keep yourself involved!

This week's content: 


WAKE COP CALL "Another way is possible, It's here"

End of 2015 will bring a very important event for the global climate justice movement and SCI has the possibility to be at the heart of it!

★ Apply by 12th of October here: http://bit.ly/wakeCOPapplication

How can I join the events in Paris?

SCI has an official observer status to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which means that the organization can apply to send its members to the summits that take place several times a year. Climate summit to take place in December is a culmination of smaller meetings that happen throughout the year. SCI sent delegates to these events already twice – in 2009 in Copenhagen (COP15) and in 2013 in Warsaw (COP19). However climate summit is not only about what happens within the official negotiations. It is always an amazing gathering of climate activists from around the world, presenting their work, exchanging ideas and working together to achieve change. Read more here about the different participation with SCI and apply for it by 12th of October.

Everything you need to know about the Paris climate summit and UN talks

People sign the Earth pledge made at the the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in June 1992. Photograph: UN Photo

"What is happening in Paris this December?
The governments of more than 190 nations will gather in Paris to discuss a possible new global agreement on climate change, aimed at reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and thus avoiding the threat of dangerous climate change.
Why now?
Current commitments on greenhouse gas emissions run out in 2020, so at Paris governments are expected to produce an agreement on what happens for the decade after that at least, and potentially beyond.
Why is this important?" Read the full article here and find out more about the climate negotiations in Paris. 

A true account of the COP21, with kittens

Working on climate change a few weeks away from Paris Conference (COP21) is usually very exciting, occasionally depressing and sometimes both… We wanted to share this atmosphere with you (including a liberal dose of irony), then we created this post.

When it’s finally on and we know we won’t rest until December.

When we look back at the Kyoto Protocol (for example).

Check out all of them here and most probably you will recognize yourselve. 

Transition Towns: what's it all about?

"Transition Town Movement describes community initiatives that seek to build local resilience to different challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis. Due to these Transition Initiatives neighbourhoods, villages or cities become happier and more independent. [...]
How to start a Transition Movement/Initiative? 

Keep it simple and get to know your neighbor. It all starts off when some people from a certain place come together with the intention to change the way of living there and also of engaging people in their neighborhood or village to kick off their own initiatives. They try to figure out, how it will work to transform their common life in a more sustainable one and how to cooperate with each other. For further information about the topic we can recommend the book “The Transition Handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience” by Rob Hopkins." Read more about the Weddingwandler Transition Initiative in Berlin here >>

Comics about the climate change side of the syrian civil war

Food Industry To Congress: We Need You To Act On Climate Change

"On Thursday, ten leaders from some of the world’s biggest food companies urged Congress to support a strong global agreement on climate action, in advance of the U.N. climate talks happening in Paris this December.
“The challenge presented by climate change will require all of us — government, civil society and business — to do more with less. For companies like ours, that means producing more food on less land using fewer natural resources. If we don’t take action now, we risk not only today’s livelihoods, but those of future generations,” the letter reads. “We are asking you to embrace the opportunity presented to you in Paris, and to come back with a sound agreement, properly financed, that can affect real change.”" Read more about the letter here and keep in mind what could be behind this letter. 

Shell has frozen its Arctic oil drilling – but it's still hungry for fossil fuels

"Shell’s decision to put its Arctic oil exploration plans in deep freeze will have several knock-on effects for global oil exploration, environmental protests and the future of the company itself.

The broader Arctic retreat by energy firms once bullish about polar prospects has now left just two working operations in the region: BP’s Prudhoe Bay field, which feeds the Trans-Alaskan pipeline, and Gazprom’s largely symbolic Prirazlomnoye platform in the Pechora Sea.

Publicly, Shell blames disappointing exploratory results, high operating costs and strict US environmental regulations for its decision to quit Alaska’s Berger field after about $7bn (£4.6bn) of investment. But company sources also accept that Arctic oil polarised debate in a way that damaged the firm. “We were acutely aware of the reputational element to this programme,” one said." Read the full article here >> 

Sweden to Become One of World’s First Fossil Fuel-Free Nation​

"Sweden is setting out to prove that the world doesn’t need fossil fuels. In a recent announcement, the Swedish government said it will invest 4.5 billion kronor, or US$546 million, in their 2016 budget “to meet the challenges of climate change, increase the share of renewable energy and stimulate development of innovative environmental technology.”

“Sweden will become one of the first fossil-free welfare states in the world,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told the press. “When European regulations do not go far enough Sweden will lead the way.”"
Read more here >>

TEDxTalk: Why Climate Change is a treat to human rights

"Climate change is unfair. While rich countries can fight against rising oceans and dying farm fields, poor people around the world are already having their lives upended — and their human rights threatened — by killer storms, starvation and the loss of their own lands. Mary Robinson asks us to join the movement for worldwide climate justice." Watch the talk here >>

Time to Get Angry About Climate Change

"Rovio, Earth Day Network and their partners are challenging Angry Birds players of the world to champion the environment and fight climate change in Champions for Earth, a weeklong tournament on Angry Birds Friends. The tournament begins 21 September and coincides with Climate Week in New York City.

The first to sign up as Champions for Earth are Don Cheadle and Ian Somerhalder, both of whom are Goodwill Ambassadors for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), as well as fellow actors Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, and the members of Korean pop sensation VIXX. In the course of gameplay, the Champions invite Angry Birds players to compete against them on the leaderboard, share facts about climate change and encourage fans to take action." Read more here >>



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