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April 2015

April is, in our half of the planet, the beginning of spring. A moment that explodes with life and nature. In SCI April is also a special month, since lots of volunteer opportunities start flourishing around us, in many parts of the SCI world: workcamps in Africa, seminars in Europe, trainings in Asia… Different projects full of peace, challenges and experiences.

In this newsletter we want to share with you this feeling. Do you know that moment when you feel like amazing things are just about to start? This moment is now! Be inspired by volunteers who share their experiences and join us through the opportunities you will find in the green lateral bar.


Wake up before the nightmare comes: Winter Peace in Brezovica.
ManCheck project in Berlin.
Let's inherit the Earth seminar in Sweden.
International Soup Festival in Rome.
Theater against Racism in Switzerland.
Altruism in Jordan, an international insight.
From the archives: Guidelines for presentations on SCI.

Wake up before the nightmare comes

This was the message of the youth exchange "Winter Peace in Brezovica", which took place in Kosovo in March. "During 10 days we learned about biodiversity of Sharr Mountain, but also about challenges in managing a protected area which is under authorities of two countries which do not recognize each other. We inspired ourselves by sharing solutions such as permaculture, eco-villages, and transition towns."

ManCheck project in Berlin

The project aimed to make people familiar with issues relating to the prevention of AIDS and STDs among MSM (men having sex with men). "It has been a great place for exchanges, learning, confrontation... This topic and all those closed to it are an excellent context to make people exchange and reflect in a tolerant and open-minded way". Read more.

Let's inherit the Earth seminar in Sweden

During the Easter Holiday, a three day seminar was held in Älvsjö, outside Stockholm. Approximatley 20 participants from 10 different countries joined the seminar, which involved knowledge and discussions about identity, leadership, living in harmony with nature and sharing resources. "Let's inherit the Earth" was called a great, inspiring and motivating weekend, which will spread its good message like ripples on the water through the peaceful Earth inheriters. Read more.

International Soup Festival in Rome 

This friendly and funny soup contest gathers more than 1000 people and international volunteers. In 2015 we promoted our festival with the slogan "Make Soup, #NoExpo"- refering to the huge event in Milan apparently in favour of sustainable food and life style, but in fact financed by big corporations (such as McDonald's, Monsanto, Nestlé...). Thanks to our amazing international volunteers who helped us this year! See more

Theater against Racism in Switzerland

During the Action Week against Racism in Berne, Switzerland, our SCI volunteers, the drama teachers Sarah & Josema performed “invisible theatre scenes” with a group of volunteers at different locations in Berne to draw people’s attention to the theme of racism in the public sphere. They succeeded as a bold crowd funding project! Read more

Altruism in Jordan, an international insight

A member of IVS Great Britain explains us her volunteer experience in the SCI workcamp Searching for Eastern Culture: "I left Jordan with mixed emotions. Some stories I had heard were genuinely heartbreaking, but I was also incredibly inspired to meet others who were working for the public good in a different part of the world". Read more

From the archives:
Guidelines for presentations on SCI.

How was SCI presented in the past? It was the time before Power Point and Prezi. And it was a time when people were used to listen: “Concerning the length of the presentations, we consider the following timelines to be the most appropriate: Not shorter than 45 minutes, not longer than 90 minutes”. Read more


 Co-Funded by the Erasmus plus programme of the European Union.
 The Association of Service Civil International ivzw receives financial support from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.




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