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Voices of Volunteers

December 2014

Dear all,
Welcome to last 2014 edition of Voices of Volunteers. In this issue you will find nice memories to close the current year and great inspiration to start the following one. We wish you all a great holidays and we hope that you will all join us in 2015 walking along the way of peace. You will find in this newsletter the SCI's 2015 compass, in case you need directions. Can you see it? We'll meet you there!
Peaceful greetings

My volunteer experience in Nawajeewanam - by Paloma from Spain 

"The result was one of the biggest experiences I ever lived, just a few weeks of growing up, meeting new people, getting so much knowledge in so many senses, enjoying a full life and feeling intensely every single moment, those of laugh and those of pain." Read more...

Greetings from Uganda

uganda"I left a Sweden in bloom and came back to grey November weather; however in my eyes the grass is greener than ever. It has been a fantastic and personally developing experience. The time I spent in front of those students, getting chalk dust on my hands while teaching them about the English tongue, those were the best of times." Read more...

Volunteering in Belgium and someone ride a bike - by Victoria from Bulgaria

"Today, it’s exactly one month since I jumped into my EVS experience and my life in Antwerp, Belgium, started. Cup of hot coffee, Beirut from neighboring computer and enough pent inspiration are a good opportunity to write a story. It all started exactly a year ago." Read more... 

Stories and images from SCI Volunteers

On 5th of December we celebrated International Volunteer Day 2014. We celebrated all the great SCI volunteers who promote a culture of peace together with us. They were the protagonists and they raised their voices answering this question: "What is volunteering for you?" Here you have the result. Thank you #SCIVolunteers! 

Peace stoires through "Asian Voices" 

asianvPeace stories come from Asia through "Asian Voices", the magazine of the Asian Development Committee, which is made up of representatives from SCI Asian branches, Australia and Mauritius.  In this number you will find volunteer experiences, important news about Climate for Peace Campaign, The North South Platform Meeting (NSPM), the International Day of Peace, and much more.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka - by Nakita from Belgium 

"I really enjoyed every day that I could work with the children in Blue Rose. They are very resilient and rarely sad. The minute you arrived at school it didn’t matter if you slept well or not. They would always put a smile on your face with their super welcoming name screaming and hugging skills." Read more...

From the Archives...

History can be told by pictures, stories, memories… and also by objects. From the SCI International archives we bring you a very special one: A Songbook from the Post-war period. A songbook that was designed as a tool of peace to take its place beside the pick and the shovel. It contains "Amitiés", the SCI anthem which was sung in workcamps at every occasion.  Read more... 


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