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Voices of Volunteers

November 2014

Dear all,
Welcome to another edition of Voices of Volunteers. We've gathered lots of inspiration for you in this issue, so find yourself a comfy seat, make a cup of your favourite tea and be warmed by the passion and dedication of these volunteers.
Wishing you peaceful greetings!
PS. We all have a story to share, so why not take part in our common volunteer action on 5th December and share yours, a collection will be featured in the next edition of Voices of Volunteers! See more below..

A 3D Workcamp

This summer volunteers at SCI's Hungarian branch, Útilapu, organised their second camp about 3D printing for youngsters living in state care. The camp took place in the Hungarian countryside at Kecskemét, just one year after the first one. Read more..

Stonequarry Cemetery

Stonequarry Cemetery workcamp, Australia, 2014It's not often you get a chance to bond with a cemetery, let alone to share that bond with a mixture of local people and a broad range of other volunteers. But Stonequarry Cemetery, just outside Taralga in the Southern Tablelands of NSW is the perfect catalyst in bringing together an interesting assortment of people motivated by concern for this special patch of ground. Read more..

Video: Tavastkenka╠ł Workcamp

Melanie was an intern with SCI Austria this past year and she has created this video about a workcamp in Finland that she participated in as part of her internship.The camp aims at enhancing cultural and social integration with the village population and bring some international vibes and contacts to the local youth as well as helping to preserve the precious and unique cultural landscape of the area with its rivers and lakes, hills and fields, forests and rapids.

International Volunteer Day 2014

IVD2014Volunteers! Behind each person there is an inspirational story, and we want to know yours and what better occasion than 5th December! To participate in our common action you just have to follow these easy steps: What is volunteering for you? Answer it with a photo, be creative! Share your photo with us using the #SCIVolunteers hashtag, we are on twitter and facebook or send it to us by email at communication@sciint.org. Let the world hear your voice and then share, share, share! Read more..

Stories to Share

We are always looking for great content written by SCI volunteers to share with the volunteering world and beyond! Want to write about your favourite workcamp memory, have an inspiring photo collection of your long-term volunteering experience, have a funny video from your voluntary project? Send it our way! You can email us at communication@sciint.org We'll be waiting!

Workcamp Fever!

Pablo, a very keen volunteer, sent us not one but TWO videos from his workcamp experiences. The first video is from the Sustainable and Active Garden workcamp at IPC in Denmark and the second the Zeithain workcamp that took place in August in Germany.  

From the Archives..

This edition we'd like to share an article about two very committed SCI volunteers; Marianne Boelsma-Studinger and Marius Boelsma who sadly, have passed away. Recently we were contacted by their youngest son, Maarten, with this message: "Both my parents were lifelong active members in SCI. Actually, SCI was just about the most important thing in their lives ever since the numerous work camps they participated in back in the fifties. On the occasion of their funerals we collected money to donate to SCI." We'd like to thank Maarten for getting in touch with us and to dedicate this issue of the Voices of Volunteers to Marianne and Marius..  


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