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Voices of Volunteers

June 2014

Welcome to the latest issue of 'Voices of Volunteers'.
So, what have our volunteers been up to since our last edition we hear you ask! Well, they are ready to share their stories with you.. experiences from Moravia, Nigeria, Italy and Jordan.
As a special point this issue, we would like to draw your attention to situation in the Balkans and all the hard work SCI volunteers have been doing as part of the relief efforts, please take your time to read the Balkan Updates, there is a lot of work still to be done and together, we can make a difference!
Peaceful greetings to you all.
Create a Climate for Peace Campaign

A letter from Moravia

Moravian Countryside Spring workcamp, Czech Republic (2014)

By Lesia Tymchenko 
"The normally quiet streets were filled with huge crowds of people giving us the opportunity to get in touch with the locals, to listen and sing songs - to feel the soul of the Czech village. After a day of celebration it was time to get down to work."

Create a Climate for Peace Campaign

It's been a busy time for the Create a Climate for Peace Campaign since the last edition of Voices of Volunteers. A few of the highlights are: the Volunteer Coordinator Trainings in Rome and Nigeria, where participants were prepared to become campleaders of special Climate for Peace workcamps. We now also have Friday Updates as part of the campaign! Every Friday of every week SCI sends out a newsletter with information, articles and inspiration regarding Climate Justice and Peace. You can check out our photo albums from all the Create a Climate for Peace trainings and actions on our flickr account and learn more on the website

Stars with a Mission

Zaatari Camp, Jordan (2014)

By Elin Hofman
"In those couple of weeks I saw a group of boys becoming stars, not the stars we see on television, but stars with a mission: to help their peers. They acted, showed their joy, had sparkles in their eyes and spoke about their convincement to go to school."

Balkan Updates

The aftermath of the floods in Serbia, 2014
The people of the Balkans are uniting in their efforts to help each after the tragic floods that took place. Since the 20th of May we have been posting regular updates on our website with news from our branches in the Balkans as well as the all the support efforts from the SCI family. The latest update we would like to share with you, is our crowdfunding project which has just been launched! Volunteers’ center of Vojvodina, SCI's Serbian branch, will be organizing relief workcamps, in order to rebuild homes, but also to rebuild connections among people, and between people and nature. For this to happen they need our support. Together, we can make a difference.





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