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Voices of Volunteers

April 2014

Welcome to the latest issue of 'Voices of Volunteers'.
In this edition we continue following the story of Elin, an SCI volunteer from the Netherlands, as she completes her first month volunteering with Syrian refugees in Jordan. Then we're off on a whirlwind tour round the SCI volunteering world with a quick look at the Talkshows that took place over the past 6 weeks. Next it's on to some awesome photos from the Create a Climate for Peace Week of Action and finally some inspiring projects we think you should know about from our Italian branch SCI Italy. Phew!
So without further ado, sit back, relax and be inspired by the latest edition of 'Voices of Volunteers!'. 
Peaceful greetings to you all.

Zaatari Camp - One Month In

SCI Talkshows 2014

This Season, Take Action

Freedom to Move - SCI Italy

Zaatari Camp - One Month In

Zaatari Camp, Jordan (2014)

By Elin Hofman 
"The Zaatari life will also get you when it's raining and the sand changes into mud, the warmth changes into cold and the roads change into swimming pools. The teachers are making jokes to bring swimming suits, but the reality is that this is the place where 20.000 kids are living. It's their home, it's everything they've got..."

SCI Talkshows 2014

Volunteers at Mangkang workcamp, Indonesia (2012)  

With a new format, a new studio and lots of exciting workcamps discussed this year's Talkshows have, unfortunately, come to an end. Our 6 weeks of weekly Friday shows started off in Serbia, then took us to Turkey and back to the International Secretariat in Antwerp for the introduction of the Create a Climate for Peace Campaign. Then we were off again, this time to Mexico, followed by Indonesia and finally, our last stop in Nigeria! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all their hard work!
If you are wondering what to do with your Friday lunchtimes now the shows are over, no need to fret, all the Talkshows are now online on our website and on our youtube channel, so you can catch up with all the shows you missed. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us on info@sciint.org and to find out about all workcamps available just head on over to the database

This Season, Take Action

 Volunteers at the Kuterevo Bear Refuge, Croatia (2014)

The Create a Climate for Peace Campaign was officially launched by the Week of Action that took place between 7th-13th of April. Many countries responded to the global call, inviting, you, the volunteers to raise awareness and act on a local level. You can see all the action on our flickr account and hopefully you will be inspired to carry on the flame that the sparks have already ignited! Remember, this season, take ACTION!    
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Freedom to Move - SCI Italy

Our Italian branch, SCI Italy, has been working on several projects together with other partner organisations focusing on empowerement, inclusion and the freedom of movement. Here we briefly introduce 3 inspiring projects that aim towards creating a more inclusive society.


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